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María Pagés Dances for the Children

The Sala Roja, located in Madrid’s Teatros del Canal, lit up with excited little faces as they discovered the secrets hidden in Yo, Carmen, the latest production by flamenco dancer and choreographer María Pagés, which opened in April in this very same venue. The entire group of professionals who make up the María Pagés Dance Company captivated the attention of the children and the families in attendance with their inspired performance of their educational show La alegría de los niños.

María Pagés 7

The younger audience members were not only allowed to personally ask the stage manager to raise the grand drape that separates the stage from the seating area, but they also met, one by one, all the dancers, musicians, and technicians who make it possible for this show to awe publics day in and day out in all corners of the world.
María Pagés 6

María Pagés herself, taking an up close and personal approach, stood off the stage with microphone in hand and explained what palmas sordas are, how to best play the pitos and how to artfully open and close a fan. Meanwhile, the Company’s dancers took care of the youngest audience members, helping them move to the beat of the music whilst following the choreographer’s instructions.

With the support of the LOEWE FOUNDATION, María Pagés is showcasing flamenco around the world, and thanks to initiatives such as this one, the public interested in dance can now count with a new generation of fans. Thank you María!

Photographs: La alegría de los niños, María Pagés Compañía © Luis Sánchez de Pedro for the LOEWE FOUNDATION, 2016.

María Pagés is Carmen

For years, María Pagés resisted to recreate Carmen, the archetype of the Spanish woman. Now, after a long way through poetry and life, this sevillian dancer decided to reveal the femininity of freedom using flamenco dance as her creative tool.

Mar°a PagÇs y bolso Flamenco 1 (foto Javier Mor†n)With the support of the Loewe Foundation, María Pagés Company shows the most contemporary side of the Spanish culture, envolving different arts and linking creators from around the world with the universality of flamenco. As a symbol of this appropriate connection of cultures, the new piece I, Carmen has just had a wonderful success in Japan.

Sensual and daring, the choreography I, Carmen presented by María Pagés Company allows women to tell a story that creates spaces and brings cultures together through an open and contemporary dance; thus, the audience gets easily connected to I, Carmen.

The story of Carmen is presented from a female perspective and shows all the shades of feminity: from fragility to sensuality, from the outburst of the initiative to the tenderness of motherhood.

Carmen, a character who had become almost a cliché created to explain and justify male passions, now develops as a claim to life and freedom.


  Photographs: I, Carmen by María Pagés Compañía © David Ruano, 2014. María Pagés with the Flamenco bag in I, Carmen © Javier Morán, 2014.